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Facts about the Blue Moon that will keep you up at night

As spring continues, the days are getting longer, lazier, sunset port cocktails are definitely on the weekend roadmap, and the nights bring particular interest to life this weekend. Visible both in America and Europe. Where are the best places to observe this Blue Moon?

Blue Moon in Portugal explained in 150 words

Springtime makes us crave for outside activities and as the summer comes closer, the timeframe to book vacations is shrinking by the day. However, let me ask, where are you spending the weekend?
Hope somewhere cozy, lavishly calm and away from big city lights. I have suggestions for both north and south, land and water.
From this evening, yes this Friday 17th of May, until Monday, the full moon will shine bright again. This weekend the World will be experiencing a Blue Moon phenomenon.
“Usually there are three full moons each season, but occasionally there are four. Historically, the third full moon in a season with four full moons is called a blue moon.” – says NASA
Portugal has been a pioneer in many things along the centuries, and in 2011 become the first country in the world to have a certified Starlight Destination. Where right in the heart of Alentejo, Dark Sky Alqueva Observatory.

Where are the best places to observe this Blue Moon in Portugal?

Image credits – NASA 

Why blue moons are the secret ingredient

Midway from Lisbon to the observatory is L’AND Vineyards Wine Luxury Resort.
In L’And Vineyards, you’ll be under the most amazing night sky. I said that before, it is still true today as I write this post thinking about the most wonderful starry night I have ever seen in Europe. Velvet black sky dashed with stars, and this weekend, a Blue Moon.
According to Wikipedia, it has many names as it is sometimes called, the Flower Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, the Milk Moon, Buddha Purnima, depending on where and who refers to this Blue Moon phenomenon.
At the L’AND Vineyards Wine Luxury Resort, the ambiance of peace and relaxation is a perfect match between architecture and nature, even in your own room at night, as the blue moon shines bright right above you, lying in fresh linen bed.

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Come close I’ll tell you a secret

Portugal is not a secret anymore. Small, picturesque yet trendy, larger cities like Lisbon and Porto are getting the attention of travelers anywhere in the world. If you are heading to Douro Valley, let me tell you about this amazing experience. Everybody is talking about cruises in the Douro, you know. How about an exclusive night aboard a luxurious boat? And where is the secret you might ask… Well, here’s one: A renowned Michelin Star chef’s dinner may be provided on board, thou the Blue Moon is included only for this weekend.
Worry not; there is still time to make your reservations for the next full moon. Request here your tailored proposal for a River Cruise in Douro.
“The full Moon after next will be on Monday morning, June 17, 2019” – NASA’s words. Not a Blue Moon thou.

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