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5 types of tourism you can do on your next trip

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Do you know that there are 5 different types of tourism you can do? Do you know which they are and where do you belong to? Read this article and we will tell you everything you need to know. 

The purpose of travel can vary according to individual needs and intentions. It can be for vacation, recreation, leisure, pilgrimage, research, business, migration or even trade commuting. It has been known for a long time like a vacation or leisure break. Everyone leaves their jobs or studies for a short period of time. 

Nonetheless, when travels started to happen, in the XIV century, leisure was the main purpose for it. Greeks and Romans would leave their summer homes and villas to have a break and escape from their routines. However, at that time, traveling was not that easy. It was usually done by ship and took long hours to be completed. 

Although important to the economy as they were for commercial reason, traveling was done by sea. The wholesale sector was dependent upon merchants dealing with caravans. It was only during the XX century that airships and airplanes took over the hardship of traveling via sea. Therefore, travel is proven to be part of our mankind history. 

Time passed and different types of tourism emerged. Along with advancements in the way we travel and most importantly, how we travel. Do you know the types of tourism are there? This article will tell you 5 types of tourism you can do and explore a bit more about each one. 

Enotourism or Wine Tourism

This type of tourism, also known as wine tourism, suggests travel for consumption, tasting, and purchase of wine. The tasting is usually done from the source during a visit to the vineyard or wine estate. Other activities include a picnic in the vineyard, or, if you are traveling in late August until October you can experience a wine harvest. Since 2016, the United Nations created a body dedicated to nourish and grow the Wine Tourism. 

Portugal has a strong and long history and International reputation for wine-making activities and the quality of its wines. The best way to discover that tradition is to visit the famous wine regions. The Douro Valley, for example, is very well-known as a UNESCO Heritage Site due to its farms devoted to wine. The Alto Douro is also famous for the production and exportation of Port Wine. Thus, a tour through the wine cellars is a must during your travel in the Country. 

Furthermore, Alentejo and Algarve are the best places to find the largest number of places dedicated to wine tourism. In a tour around the wineries and vineyards, you get to know the beauties and wonders of a wine-producing activity.

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This is one of the most searched for types of tourism nowadays. People are even more concerned with environmental issues. It includes visits to undisturbed and pristine natural areas with preserved fauna and flora. The artificial settlements and landforms are the main attraction for this type of tourism. A visit to an indigenous set, for example, can be a very exciting experience. Therefore, Ecotourism also encompasses many subtypes and formats in it, such as tourism, agritourism and wildlife tourism.

Adventure Travel

This type of tourism involves different and even exotic experiences. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, there are three different kinds of activities embedded within Adventure tourism. They are activities in nature, physical activities, and cultural activities. Therefore, if you are into bungee jumping, climbing mountains, trekking or even swim with the sharks, you are qualified for this type of tourism. Thou, the risk is not a mandatory requirement for Adventure travel. it is fine if you don’t like any of those activities described. 

The most important thing for Adventure travelers is to be connected with a new landscape. And with a new culture while being physically active on those. It is advisable to not push the limits that further if you do not feel comfortable for this. As mentioned before, the subtypes of Adventure travel still include hiking, backpacking, zip-lining, rafting, mountain biking, skiing and snowboarding, and others.

Cultural Tours

As the name implies, this type of tourism involves an immersion into a specific culture of a region. The main objective of this tourism is to get to know the history of that region. Explore the lifestyle, oral traditions, architecture, gastronomy, religions, festivals and so on. It can be done differently in urban areas and in rural or countryside areas. In the cities, for example, may include visits to museums, theaters, art galleries, and so. In the countryside it can involve tours to the vineyards and wineries, exploring the culture and lifestyle of local people.

Culinary tourism 

Also known as food tourism, this is one of the types of tourism that many people have certainly practiced before. According to the World Food Travel Association, It involves tasting and experiencing the local and traditional food of a certain region. Food is usually associated with accommodation as a key element of tourism. Besides, as the tourism figure grows over 4% every year and the demand for food tourism raised, it was expanded to incorporate other subsets. Wine tourism, as described at the beginning of this article, is indeed a perfect combination for it. 

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Those are 5 types of tourism you can do. Depending on what activities calls more for your attention and really wanna do. Nevertheless, it is just a small proportion of all other tourism available. The truth is: doesn´t matter what is your objective with the travel or where you decided to go to. It is necessary to plan it well in advance to guarantee a safe trip without headaches or trouble. We are here to help you with that and arrange everything to make the best of your next travel. Request a custom proposal and enjoy!

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