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5 Wine Luxury experiences in Lisbon for your wishlist

When looking for wine luxury experiences, Portugal offers you high-end possibilities that will enhance your travel experience.

In 2019 Portugal was Elected the third best travel destination in Europe by the World Travel Awards and is already a tailored destination to Wine fans all across the globe. Furthermore, Portugal has 15 places on the list UNESCO World Heritage sites. It offers a wide range of high quality wine luxury experiences going beyond the obvious destinations, making it the perfect choice for those looking for high-end experiences. Here is where the modern comforts meet the secular European traditions and architecture. 

Wine Luxury experiences: Lisbon and around

Portugal Luxury Tour - Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, has got a balanced atmosphere of tradition and modernity, with its old churches, palaces and museums. On the other end you will find fashionable shops and very modern buildings reinventing the city center. It couldn`t be anything different once the city takes a lot of history lessons within it.

Whatever your preferences are, you’ll find the perfect experience, tailored exactly to your needs and expectations. In this article, you will find five wine luxury experiences that you inspire you for your next travel. So, hold on and stay with us for the next lines. 

1. Quinta do Chocapalha

Quinta do Chocapalha is one of the best-kept secrets in Portugal today; Chocapalha has been at the forefront of the Portuguese revolution in wine making. The Winery is located in the surroundings of Aldeia Galega and it spreads over the sunny hills of Alenquer, a Delimited Region in the northwest of Lisboa. Its historical and excellent vineyards are known since the 16th century and have belonged to Diogo Duff, a brave Scottish man who received the “Tower and Sword” insignia, given by King João VI. Alice and Paulo Tavares da Silva bought the estate in the 1980s and made significant investments in its 45ha of vineyard. The introduction of new cultivation methods has allowed the family to consolidate the quality and reputation of their wines. The well-known Sandra Tavares da Silva, their daughter, is in charge of the Oenology Department. 

2. Quinta do Gradil

It is thought that the Marquis of Pombal would have acquired the Quinta do Gradil in 1760, although the earliest references date back to 1492, the year of the document that D. Martinho de Noronha received from the King João II, the donation letter of the jurisdiction and rents of the Cadaval County and Quinta do Gradil. In the 90s, Luis Vieira acquires the Quinta to Sampaio de Oliveira and, since then, the modernization of the winery and existing vineyards has begun. Arriving at Quinta do Gradil you will know some of the stories of the Marquis and will observe the magnificent landscape of vineyards that surrounds it.

3. Medieval Village of óbidos

The mediaeval village is one of the most picturesque and well preserved in Portugal, prospered after being chosen by the royal family, King Dinis offered it to his wife, Queen Isabel in the 13th century, you will find a well preserved castle within the walls, and a maze of streets and white houses. You will feel like you are in a fairytale while having a ride in a horse carriage that will take you back in time. A magnificent day between Palaces, Wineries and medieval villages finishing with a classic toast of Óbidos ginjinha.

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4. Quinta do Sanguinhal

Abel Pereira da Fonseca, an entrepreneur and farmer of Bombarral that became known for creating the wine distribution and marketing empire, initially named Abel Pereira da Fonseca & Cª, that has grown until becoming the second largest wine marketing company in Portugal, in 1982. This entrepreneur sowed the seeds of the business, but decided to withdraw from the company in 1937. His decision was due to his will to devote more time to Companhia Agrícola do Sanguinhal, which he had established in the 1920s to manage, along with his sons, the family estates in his region. You will have a private visit to the 19th century gardens and to the vineyards of Quinta do Sanguinhal, to an old distillery with 300 m2 (3.229 sq. ft.) fully recovered, where wine spirit and grape mark spirit use to be produced, to an old mill with pole presses, dated of 1871, to an ageing cellar with 36 barrels.

5. Adega Regional de Colares

One of the most pleasant wine luxury tours, Colares region is located between Sintra mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. It encloses the parishes of Colares, S. João das Lampas and S. Martinho, in Sintra district. Colares has been an Appellation Origin since 1908, being the westernmost demarcated region of continental Europe and the smallest still-wine producing region in Portugal. Understanding the importance of protecting and preserving the Colares wine culture, its unique varieties and original viticulture methods. The AR Colares philosophy rests on the imperative to ‘respect the Colares terroir’ and continue the tradition of our ancestors. In here, we will give you the chance to visit the winemaking and stage facilities, with an explanation of the process, followed by wine tasting in the main cellar (Nineteenth century building) and winery shop.

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The combination of these five wine luxury tours in Lisbon will surely make your time in Portugal an unforgettable experience. However, if you wish, you can always create your own tour, completely fit your preferences and needs. In that way you make your wine luxury tours the most enjoyable journey ever. 

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