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Luxury Travel and Shopping in Porto

Portugal Luxury Tour - Porto

Luxury Travel and Shopping in Porto is a reality. Luxury travel and experiences are more and more in vogue in Portugal now than ever before. This country is certainly a place for luxury travel in Europe although it is still underrated compared to France and Italy.
As Portugal is awarded tourism awards and mentioned worldwine, I mean worldwide, as Europe’s hidden-gem, the interest in luxury tourism is growing. Portugal as a long history to tell in the Art of Welcoming. We have been hosting kings and queens, literally. And we hope to welcome you soon.

Portugal Luxury Tour - Porto

A 1-day tour luxury shopping in Porto – Be inspired

The Portuguese fashion industry is known for its quality. Major brands all over the world choose Portugal not only to produce but to place their flag stores. In Porto, we can find luxury brands for all tastes and lifestyles. This moment of luxury travel in Europe will take you from the major fashion maisons to the niche designers producing high-quality shoes, clothes, jewelry and in fact, everything you can think of.
All this in store glamour is located in a town with a charm of its own. Porto roots date back to immemorial times, full of mysterious tales that you will believe true when you set foot on this city. We all know that travel andn shopping might be an exhausting activity so let us guide you through some of the unmissable stores and the perfect places to recharge your energy.
Like the French, Portuguese love Wine. Like the Italian, Portuguese love Food. In Portugal, you will find a diverse wine and food and restaurant scene. From more than 20 Michelin Star restaurants to little delightful spots where you can find authentic Portuguese food with a lascivious appeal.
Food and wine to indulge without any tomorrow´s guilt. Accommodations like The Yeatman, where you will find a perfect home away from home, for the night or just for a Port wine cocktail at the golden hour.

Looking for a long stay? Discover the Douro Valley. 

Porto Luxury Tour - Yeatman
Let’s get this shopping tour suggestion started.


Machado Jeweller is in town since 1880. What once was a small store in a building where neoclassical and rococo mixed in the original façade, is nowadays the most renowned jeweler in Portugal. One of Europe’s finest and founding member of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie. From the finest traditional pieces of Portuguese jewelry, the beloved filigree, to the most exclusive brands.
It awaits your visit at both Rua 31 de Janeiro and Av. Da Boavista, the classic store and the modern one.

Beauty in the most beautiful street

After this visit head some streets down to Claus Porto. A premium luxury brand for body care products and homecare.
Traditional soaps, shower gel, hand creams, are produced with extreme care and quality just a few kilometers away from Porto city center for decades, in fact for 130 years. Fragranced colognes are so fresh and comforting that you will take one of each scent back home.
The packaging? Memorable. All these lovely delicate and feminine products, wrapped in perfect delightful packages. The perfect gift to someone special.
Try to resist it at Rua das Flores, 22.

Lavish Wine and Food in Portugal

Before any more shopping, enjoy lunch at DOP, Kitchen of memories. This restaurant, DOP, is the heart and soul of Chef Rui de Paula. Born in Porto, Rui de Paula has an unforgettable approach to the traditional Portuguese Cuisine. The Michelin star restaurant is not just another place to eat, is a true Portuguese gastronomic experience side by side with the emblematic symbols of the city. Clérigos Tower, Port Wine Institute, Ferreira Borges Market, all the staples on a tour list.

Fashion in trendy Porto

After a memorable meal perfectly paired with a bottle of fine wine, continue your luxury shopping tour heading to Fashion Clinic. This is a statement boutique located at the Palácio das Cardosas, a central privileged place in Porto downtown. Besides its location, both in Porto and Lisbon, the store provides all the confidentiality and comfort you might need and a portfolio for both woman and man. Here you can find more than 16 luxury brands under the same roof. A fine selection of designer bags, clothes, shoes, and beauty and lifestyle. Luxury experience right in the heart of Porto.

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End your day in perfection with a stay at The Yeatman. The Yeatman’s claim is “the best views over Porto & the Douro River” and well, that is just the truth. Located in Vila Nova de Gaia facing the Douro river and the point where the Douro River meets the Atlantic Ocean, the golden hour here is just perfection. And how about spending the night? Or maybe staying for the day after at the magnificent spa and to explore the wine selection.
Join us in Porto and Douro Valley for the perfect luxury travel. Our expertise is in developing a tour tailored to your preferences. Request a free quote for your vacations in Portugal.
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