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Portugal for Seniors: the best wine tours

Portugal Luxury Tour - Douro

Looking for somewhere to enjoy your retirement with safety, calmness, and relaxation? Portugal has all that to offer in our wonderful wine tours.

Traveling to Portugal can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you are enjoying the pleasures of retirement. Portugal is just the perfect destination for the elderlies. There you find the best wine tours and everything you need when traveling. The country is very safe and calm, with just the right amount of hassle. You can take your time in a pleasurable walk around the cities, for example. 

Besides, you will find a lot of relaxing moments in the countryside. The wine estates, where a wine tasting or a Spa experience will refresh your body and soul. And if you think that is all you are wrong. In Portugal, you’ll always find healthy food options. There is a variety of Mediterranean cuisine experiences waiting for you, prepared by Michelin Star chefs.

So, in Portugal, you find the best wine tours in the world in an ideal place. Below we prepared for you a round trip in Portugal, from North to South, by wine region. See on the next paragraphs what we have arranged for your trip.

Portugal Luxury Tour

Porto and Douro Wine Region

Porto is the second-largest city of the country, with around 214 000 inhabitants spread across its 18 municipalities. Thus, Porto is full of history and culture expressed in its ancient buildings and architecture shown everywhere in the city. Along with that, you find the most beautiful landscapes. All in just a few minutes or one hour away from the city center. It is where you find the most amazing wineries and vineyards. Besides, a pleasurable food and wine experience are just on your wait. 

Similarly, the Douro wine region is the oldest wine region in the world. It comprises the extension along the river with a vineyard occupying 40000 hectares. In 1995 it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Yet, it is divided between 3 sub-regions: the Douro superior, Alto cargo, and Baixo cargo. See in the next lines the best wine tours you can have in those regions.

Porto Luxury Tour 

If you are a food and wine lover, this is the perfect tour. Here you will explore the ancient architectural buildings and monuments. Furthermore, a private visit to the famous port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia will enhance your trip. The restaurants and wine tastings will make it a wonderful getaway in Portugal. All here is arranged for your best comfort. It starts with a private chauffeur to drive you from the airport to the hotel. Book your Porto Luxury Tour in 5 Days and be delighted for the rest of your time in the country. 

Porto & Douro Luxury Tour - Porto

Douro Valley Luxury Tour

In this exclusive tour, you will have a unique experience on board of a private yacht. It will guide you through the most famous wineries. There you can try delicious food while enjoying the stunning view of the Douro River. Yet, this Douro Valley Luxury Tour on a private Yacht promises good moments of relaxation. Enjoy a massage at Six Senses Spa and unforgettable wine tasting experiences. 

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Lisbon Wine Region

To the south of the country, you find this wine region. It has a long history dating back to the Phoenician´s occupation by sea. It brings the vine production to the country on the mouth of the river Tejo. The clay soil was discovered to be very fertile for the wine. Besides, the mild weather region and a great geographical location contribute to the growing varieties of grapes found. Thus, this wine region is a compound of 9 designations of origins. They are Bucelas, Carcavelos, and Colares (south), Alenquer, Arruda, Lourinhã, Óbidos and Torres Vedras (center) and Encostas d’Aire (north). 

Furthermore, the Lisbon wine region exports 70% of its wine production, being the second-largest producer of wine in Portugal. Below you can uncover our luxury tour in this marvelous wine region.

Lisbon Luxury Tour

In this all-inclusive luxury tour, you will unveil the history and culture embedded in its strong connection with the wine. Here you can visit the historical architectural buildings and the spectacular wine tours in the estates of Península de Setúbal. Additionally, you can visit Sintra, Village of Óbidos and Cascais. A real immersion into the culture and heritage of this wine region. 

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Lisbon Luxury Vacations

Alentejo Wine Region

Continuing in the south part of the country, you find this beautiful and historic wine region. Tradition and history go hand in hand here. It remounts for many influences in the past: Phoenicians, Celts, Romans, Visigoths, and Arabs. Those people helped to grow this agricultural area as it is today. Thus, occupying one-third of the mainland area, the region has a dry and warm climate area. This enables the production of International recognized wines, considered the best in the country. Moreover, in 1988 it was demarcated into eight subregions: Reguengos, Borba, Redondo, Vidigueira, Évora, Granja-Amareleja, Portalegre and Moura. Get to know below our Alentejo Luxury Tour.

Alentejo Luxury Tour

This tour is perfect for seniors as you can enjoy one of the best culture, gastronomy and wine tours of Portugal. Thus, in this Alentejo Luxury Tour in 5 days, you will taste wine from the spectacular wine-producing estates available. Besides, you can enjoy your time staying in our 5-star accommodations prepared to give the most for your trip. Or even treat yourself in a Caudalie Massage Spa or ride a 4X4 car at Malhadinha. This is definitely one of those experiences you cannot miss at all. 

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Alentejo Luxury Vacation

Algarve Wine Region

The Algarve Wine Region has the best beaches in the country becoming a famous destination for travelers from all over the world. With around 200 kilometers of extension, the golden sand shaping the rocks are combined with the smelly aromas of the traditional cuisine. Besides, the wine production in this region has once supplied the caravels leaving the Sagres and Lagos sea. Recently, this region has been completely revitalized, with the replanting of a variety of grapes and renovated wineries. Moreover, with a sandy clay and shale soil, it demarcated four designations of origin: Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira. In our Algarve Luxury Tour, you can explore the wine tours and all that this wine region can offer. 

Algarve Luxury Tour

In only 3 days you will have the chance to uncover the best of gastronomy, wine, and leisure available in the country. A guided visit to a wine estate with an explained wine tasting will certainly be a good opener for the trip. Thus, a luxury cruise and a scuba diving will take your breath away. Besides, by exploring the town you will be enchanted with the center and the 150 km coastline. A must-have and see tour for a trip and a life.

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Luxury Tour in Algarve - Portugal

Therefore, during this post, you might have noticed how wonderful wine regions Portugal has to offer. Additionally, it is comforting to know that you can do all of it in your time, just tranquil and safe as you wish. To help with that, the best wine tours are found, with great gastronomic experience and loads of history, culture, and heritage to see around it. So, if you now feel invited to enjoy all of this you can either book ou Portugal Luxury Tour to discover everything in 14 days, or get a custom tour and adjust the trip to your need.

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