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The best luxury wine and food tours in Alentejo

Having a pleasurable gastronomic experience is all you want when you are abroad. Here we prepared 6 remarkable food tours in Alentejo.

Alentejo has always represented food and history during its long existence. It’s well known in the country for having a gastronomic soul. Évora, the capital city, takes food as a serious thing, offering many possibilities to enjoy the best food tours. 

Because of that gastronomic heritage and its rich cultural and architectural heritage, Alentejo was elected a Unesco world heritage destination. It then became an ideal destination for lovers of wine and cuisine. 

This sun-baked land, a third of the country in area, alternate between wheat and vineyards, olive groves and forests of cork oaks – dotted here and there by whitewashed hilltop villages. Alentejo is in fact one of the largest cork producers in the world.

Therefore, the gastronomy is very rich and its ingredients range from traditional produced sheep’s cheese to wild mushroom. 

Although this region is regarded by many as the Tuscany of Portugal, and it is actually even better. In this region, you will find a traditional environment with loads of soul and luxurious charm. Besides, it is considered to have the best traveler service in the country. 

Furthermore, it also has confidently taken its place for travelers around the globe as an area of outstanding wine production and gastronomic traditions.

This article presents six unique food tours that will change the way you experience wine and food by providing memorable moments in traditional yet creative wineries and restaurants.

Divinus Restaurant

The Divinus Restaurant, founded in the 15th century, is located in the old cellar of the convent. It is where the symbiosis between history, authenticity, and gastronomy is perfect.

The Chef interprets the Alentejo cuisine with great passion, taking it as his starting point of the original recipes treating each delicacy as unique. On the other hand, he challenges the imagination and creates his fusion dishes inspired by the Alentejo.

The Divinus’ menu is divided into traditional and author cuisine. The choice is not easy as you can choose soups and stews, “Migas” and “Migalhas” (crumbs) or opt for the traditional snacks. But privileging every moment the use of certificated and indigenous products. the Divinus Restaurant is indeed one of the best food tours in Portugal combining excellent service with a robust wine list.

The Herdade do Esporão Restaurant

The Herdade adopted a young and enthusiast kitchen’s team that privileges the traditional gastronomy of this region. Although it doesn’t neglect some contemporaneity, managing a cuisine that meets and exceeds the highest standards of quality and functionality.

One of the main assets of this kitchen is the wood stove of the Herdade that adds textures and aromas that no industrial stove could offer. The building that houses the restaurant is dedicated to the outside, enhancing the surrounding landscape of the Herdade do Esporão with gardens connecting the vineyards and the cellars.

The architecture of the restaurant integrates the peaceful landscape of Herdade do Esporão. The restaurant’s menu rehabilitates the traditional Alentejo recipes, some of which are already forgotten, privileging and using quite exclusively local ingredients.

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Restaurant L`AND Vineyards

L`AND Restaurant seeks to affirm the new Portuguese gastronomic culture, reflecting the history and culture of Portugal. All of this by integrating the experiences and ingredients that came from the discoveries in the East. Chef Michael Laffan, a Michelin star professional since 2013, created the restaurant menu. It has influences from Alentejo in a contemporary interpretation, taking visitors on one of the incredible food tours.  

Therefore, the restaurant offers a menu each month, where the basic ideas are travels and the meeting of cultures and flavors. There is a blend between Mediterranean and Alentejo cuisine with contemporary and oriental influences. 

Malhadinha Nova – Wine and Gourmet Signature Cuisine

Part of the Cellar building, this new space offers a creative signature cuisine. The land products are preserved in modern interpretations accompanying the excellent wines of the Herdade. Led by the Consultant Chef Joachim Koerper [Michelin Star] in collaboration with the Executive Chef Bruno Antunes and cook Vitalina Santos. It suggests seasonal menus inspired by the gastronomy of Alentejo. Definitely a must-have in your food tours in Portugal.

The Herdade do Grous

A warm and ideal place to enjoy the typical cuisine of the Alentejo. There, most of the ingredients are homemade, bringing to the table the native flavors and freshness of the region. The team combines the expertise of the traditional culinary o the latest trends in modern cuisine.

The restaurant has a capacity for 90 people and its terrace offers fabulous panoramic views of the property and vineyards, making it the perfect spot for a delicious dinner with wine tasting or a candlelight dinner.

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Degust ‘AR Restaurant

The Degust’AR restaurant has the gastronomic signature of the Chef António Nobre. It is located on the ground floor of the Sepúlveda Palace building. The menu has as its starting point in the Alentejo cuisine, and the Chef develops his creative inspiration by exploring the Mediterranean flavors.

The restaurant has a reception area with a bar and a cellar. There you can find the nearly 150 wines that make up a wine list where all regions of Portugal are represented.

Nevertheless, it has a unique and special character due to its horseshoe arches and some frescos on the walls. The atmosphere is refined, comfortable and intimate. 

If you enjoyed our list of the best food tours available for you in Alentejo, don´t hesitate and book your experience with us now!

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