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Now is your time to explore the best wine tastings in Europe. We understand if you are still undecided, you heard a lot about Spain and Spanish wines, but are not a fan of crowded touristic places and you have seen Paris already and wish for a more private experience paired with beautiful wine and food, nature and only the real local experience. The best wine tours in Europe are in Portugal. Well, read on.

Where to go? Portugal.

A private cruise, a visit to the vineyards guided by the agricultural engineer, the wine tastings commented by the oenologist, what else would you like to include on your vacations?
The harvest experience? Sure, it occurs mid-September on and the Douro is the privileged region for that moment and now is the time to book it.

The hot air balloon over the golden plains of Alentejo at the sunset? Yes, you can have it all and more.
So how to choose a wine experience and where to start planning your private tailor-made vacations? Here are 3 simple rules to choose a Douro wine tour to find happiness, starting with the best wine tasting in Europe.

Portugal has become more and more popular in the past few years for travelers looking for authenticity. And here you will find it everywhere. because of our small streets, our home cook comfort food, the wines that you’ll only find here and the warm friendly people.

For wine lovers who have never visited the country it can be surprising, and even overwhelming, to discover that despite its fairly small size, Portugal has 31 (DOCs) wine regions producing their own specific wine. Fear not, here are some tips for all the wine lovers and travelers planning to visit Portugal and if you wish to know more about What Portuguese wine taste like, read further here.

Get to know Portugal from edge to edge

Portugal has 31 DOCs and 14 wine regions throughout the country. I will keep it simple for you to discover them as we can roughly divide it into 5 geographical areas.
• Porto and North region: Porto and Douro Valley
• Centre region: Bairrada, Dão and Lafões, and Beira Interior;
• Lisbon region: Lisbon, Setubal Peninsula, and Tejo;
• South region: Alentejo and Algarve;
• Islands: Madeira and Azores.

From north to south each region has its own characteristics, grow different grape varieties and produce distinctive wines, so where to start?

How to choose the right wine tasting?

As a savvy Wine Lover, you know that sometimes when we start searching for a new wine destination to travel to you’ll find some stones along the way.
Do you love pinot noir or Zinfandel? Are you in the mood for adventure or relaxation?
These thoughts followed by long hours searching on the internet about the location, and how to make everything fit is not something you enjoy doing.
How is public transportation working with or against or plans?

All that and the language barrier combined with the FOMO feeling starts to get the best out of you.
Most important than tasting wine, a wine tasting shall meet the defined criteria. There are professional parameters and likewise of great importance, above all are your parameters of what your vacations should include and be like.

Ask for a complete tailor-made proposal. We are answering to your request today.

So here are 3 simple rules to follow to choose the right experience:

Do you have a wine you’ve heard about that you would really like to taste? Yes? Start planning your trip from there;

If you want to taste fortified wine, Porto and Douro is the birthplace of the most famous fortified wine in the world, Port wine of course, and are also home for some of the most recognized, award-winning reds, the Douro wines.

The Dão region Red wines are widely compared to the Burgundy wine from France.

In the Lisbon area, there is a very small region, Colares, that produces a unique wine from the Ramisco grape varietal found only there, it is located about 40 minutes drive away from Lisbon city center.

In Setúbal Peninsula, you have the famous Muscat wines known as Moscatel de Setúbal.

If you enjoy full-bodied wines, Alentejo is the wine region for you. are ‘Fruity, easy-drinking wine with soft tannins was a new way for Portugal, which started in Alentejo,’ says João Portugal Ramos.

Read the Decanter.com article on Alentejo’s Wines.
Read more about Portuguese wines here.

What would you like to experience?

We have hot air balloon experiences and helicopter flights, 4×4 experiences and the most popular:
To participate in the harvest.

Well either you envision to be a winemaker for a day, learn how to cook and how to pair food and wine, or relax on a cruise, just let us know what you are expecting from your vacations. Are you in the mood for…? Find here more inspiration for your trip to Portugal.

At Wine Tourism in Portugal, we have tour suggestions that you can book directly and also when in doubt, just ask for a tailored-made proposal. Our team will build an itinerary according to your tastes and preferences.

What will you bring back home?

This one might sound slightly humorous, but my advice is that you think again.
Vacations are all about having a good time and making great memories. No matter if you are adventurous, energetic and always in the mood for outdoorsy activities or more of a laid back relaxed traveler willing to enjoy wine and food at a slower, relaxed pace. If you are someone who really enjoys wine, here in Portugal, you are in wine paradise. High-quality wines and characteristic distinctive flavors available in an incredibly wide range of prices.

This is the ideal show off souvenir who can take back home to share it the Portuguese way, around the table with family and friends. To extend the feel-good vacation feeling a little longer.

When is the best time to visit Portugal?

In the past years, a lot has been written about Portugal getting people around the globe to get to know our country a bit better.
As a wine lover, you know that only by experience you will really understand the words above. Portugal has a strong winemaking culture and a wide range of wines ready for every wine lover. Portugal is a small trendy country nowadays so book your experiences in advance. So now is the best time to book it as from May on Portugal experiences a peak of travelers.

Ready for 7-day tour in the Douro? Do you want to experience the harvest season?

When planning a visit to a country you do not know yet, it is best to rely on locals for advice. Our team is ready to help you out, request your free quote now.

Let us know what your preferences are and we will craft a tailor-made a proposal for your time in Portugal.

We have so many incredible experiences waiting for you in Portugal all year long. Did you know that Portugal is a European country with more sun hours? Yes, it is true. So now, it is time for you to see, taste, and feel for yourself. By booking with us we guarantee the quickest answer to your tailor-made requests and the best prices no hidden fees. Booking experience is easy and secure, saving you hours of comparison.

Create your own unforgettable memories of 2019, here in Portugal.

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