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Top 5 Historical Luxury Destinations in Portugal

Portugal Luxury Vacation

When you plan a trip to somewhere you are always willing to see the culture, history, and heritage behind it. You will discover the top 5 historical places in Portugal.

When looking for a luxury destination for your travel, history, culture, and traditions are surely mandatory aspects to consider observing in a certain city. Portugal is the home for all that, authenticity is hidden in its unexplored areas of secular places. It doesn’t matter if it is a landmark, a Hotel or a cave, history is everywhere in the country. Besides, the country has an established tradition for wine production of the finest awarded quality. 

The harvesting of grapes process is also known for years as a moment where the families gather together and share precious moments, reviving millenary traditions of grape stomping my feet.

Again, it is more than a wine-making, it is also a matter of culture and heritage. In this article, you will discover the top 5 historical luxury destinations so you can start planning your next trip. 

Top 1 – Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is the first demarcated wine region of Portugal, being the oldest wine region in the world. Therefore, this becomes a must-visit historical luxury destination, with a lot of important attractions to visit. A wine tour to this region includes a cruise on a boat, a visit to the vineyards and wineries and eating in Michelin Star Restaurants. Check what we have for you in our Douro Luxury Tour in 5 days.

Top 2 – Porto, São Bento Train Station

Across the Douro River, you have Porto, a wonderful historical city born in 300 BC during the Celtic Occupation moment. At the heart of it, in an area called “Baixa”, the downtown of Porto, you find the Porto São Bento Railway station. With thousands of people moving in and out during the day, this station is known for the tiles or azuleijos. Each one of them carries a bit of the history of Portugal in it. They picture a different scene of day-to-day life throughout various periods of history. Definitely one of the greatest historical luxury destinations. 

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Top 3 – Belém Tower in Lisbon

The Belém Tower is a fortress, built in the XVI century on the estuary of the Tagus river, during the Portuguese Renaissance in the reign of Manuel I. The tower has been a UNESCO Heritage site since 1983 along with Jerónimos Monastery, another vital landmark for the city. The tower as a whole has two elements: a medieval tower and a modern bulwark with two artillery levels. Nonetheless, there is another interesting fact that makes the tower very popular across the globe: the pastéis de belém. These pastries are responsible for long queues to buy it from the shop inside the tower. All of it makes the Belém Tower a perfect destination.

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Top 4 – Temple of Diana in Évora

Also known as the Roman Temple of Évora, it represents the Roman occupations of the city and also the lusitanian civilization of the city. Located in the historical center of the city, It calls the attention for its preserved Roman structure including the Évora castle, an abattoir, and a wood store. Yet, it is also a UNESCO Heritage site since 1986, which just reinforces its historical nature. 

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Top 5 – Benagil Caves

Benagil Caves are located on the southern coast of Algarve, in a small village in Algarve Beach. It is located between Praia do Carvoeiro and armação de pêra, just 40 minutes drive from Lagos. Thus, the caves of Benagil are a beautiful landscape where you can go by yacht, to dive and explore the rock formations. 

Photo from Francisco Javier Gil Oreja

By reading our selection of the top 5 historical luxury destinations in Portugal, you should have noticed how much history and culture Portugal has to offer through those amazing places. Each of them has a specific crucial point that distinguishes one part of the history of the country. In our Portugal Luxury Tour, you can explore all that and more in a tour designed to take you through as many cultural and heritage details as you may ask for.    

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