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Porto Luxury Tour - Douro River Cruise

Did you know that Port Wine has a long and cultural heritage connected with Portuguese People? Discover the amazing Port Wine experiences.

Portugal is well known worldwide by its finest wine production and selling. The export rates go above 70%, showing that the country has the know-how. When talking specifically about Port Wine, the Douro Wine Region is probably the first destination that comes about in your mind. Even the name of this type of wine has the same origins as the name of the city: Porto. The different types of Port Wine available in the market make this fortified wine a unique beverage. 

And Portugal offers a wide number of opportunities to witness the process of winemaking and harvest. Besides, you can still enjoy a fabulous tasting at the end, just as wine lovers do.  In the next lines, you will be able to discover the tours and unique experiences you can have. 

Real Companhia Velha – Port Wine Company

The Real Companhia Velha is the oldest and most traditional wine cellar and the company of the country with 263 years of history. It was founded by Royal charter of D. José I, the king of Portugal, who helped to establish a company with a noble reputation for the quality wine and valuable services to the community. Back in the day, the Real Companhia Velha had substantial importance in the regulation, production, and trade of wine. 

Nowadays, the company maintains and honors the tradition while keeping a wise vision of the future. Moreover, the company owns the most prominent Quintas or wineries of Portugal. In the Douro Valley region, for example, they own Quinta das Carvalhas, one of the most fabulous wine estates of Portugal. 

Thus, this ancient wine cellar offers guided tours where you can first learn about the art and process of wine production. The tours then stop in the “Vintage Museum” in the main aging cellar. And, to close the tour, you will taste 4 types of Port Wine: 3 single-harvest tawnies and 1 historic Carvalhas memory. All served with maturated cheeses that will enhance their incredible flavors. 

In the store, you can buy all of those wines or the 10, 20 or 40 years age tawnies. Additionally, if you want to, you can sleep there in one of the barrels and vats, which you definitely throw you back in time. A very tranquil and unique experience anyone could have. Delighted yet? Explore this fantastic wine cellar in our Porto Luxury Tour in 5 days.

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Taylor’s Port Wine Cellar

Founded in 1692, the Taylor´s is one of the oldest port houses in Portugal. It widely recognized by its exclusivity in the making of port wine. Besides, it is a reference mark for vintage and finest ports production.

This family-owned company has been keeping a long and knowledgeable reputation and tradition for the finest wine production of the region. Yet, the future of the company relies on continued investments in operations. The vineyards promise to keep the standard of grapes. 

Making a tour to Taylor´s wine cellar will certainly take your breath way with a profound journey inside a wine production process. There you can choose between the two kinds of visit: vintage or tawny. In there you will find the history behind the 2000 pipes and 40 tonels spread across the place. 

Likewise, you can still enjoy a private tasting and tour where you will have a masterclass on vintage wines and taste 5 extraordinary wines. Besides, you can also have a private taste of Graham’s six grapes, 30 years old tawny and Vintage 2000. If you now feel tempted to participate in this tour, book our Porto Luxury Tour and try.

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By knowing these remarkable port wine companies and wine cellars, you might have noticed how wine is pretty much connected to the Portuguese tradition. More important than that, you saw how the Douro Valley is the perfect location for the Port Wine growth. Likewise, we hope the tours and experiences shown throughout this post have inspired you to uncover the tradition and history of the port wine cellars. Although, you can still arrange a personalized tour that will directly match your needs. At Wine Tourism in Portugal, we can help you to plan a perfect custom tour.

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