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Best tours in Lisbon and Why you shouldn’t miss it

Lisbon Luxury Vacations - Estoril

You will be taken for a ride near the marvelous coastline enter the fairy-tale-like palaces and quaint rural villages. Just like a movie start on the perfect set.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is full of history with a trendy touch of modernity. This city was once the capital of a vast maritime empire during the XV century. From here ships would set sail along the Atlantic Ocean into the unknown.

Nowadays that history can be noticed all along its string of seven hills overlooking the River Tejo. In its architectural heritage, tiles of great historical value depicting scenes from long-gone times.

Lisbon is now constantly reinventing itself. It attracts many travelers every year all around the globe. Nowadays it is recognized year after year as one of the most influent European capitals by The World Travel Awards.

Here you will find the best tours in Portugal filled with loads of luxurious experiences. World-renowned hotels, Michelin Star restaurants combined with the cultural attractions proper of such an ancient country makes of Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, the most wonderful getaway. 

Nevertheless, if you also fancy some countryside feel, waiting for you in a short drive away into the countryside there are some relaxing landscapes and magical palaces surrounded by ancient tropical gardens.

Trust our knowledgeable professional drivers will take you to explore Portugal with style and comfort always in the best vehicles.

You will be taken for a ride near the marvellous coastline enter the fairy-tale-like palaces and quaint rural villages. What a spectacular experience it will be! You will be a movie start strolling on the perfect set.

Are you delighted yet? There is more! If you be kind enough to keep reading the following lines you will discover some of the best tours in Lisbon and why you shouldn’t miss this so authentic Portuguese experience.

Tours in Lisbon: 1-day Tour in Lisbon

In our 1-day Luxury Tour in Lisbon, you can get inside the culture of Lisbon Wine Region. By taking this tour, you will have the chance to take the greatest experience in this region: visiting its most emblematic producers, enjoying and learning the winemaking process and take a Chariot Horse Ride along the charming Óbidos village in a relaxing moment away from the modern rush.

Here some more places to inspire you to come to enjoy the balmy Portuguese 300 days of sun…

Quinta de Chocapalha

This Lisbon wine Estate is located just one hour drive away from the city center. At Quinta de Chocapalha, you will find beautiful scenery tempered by vineyards in contrast with the blue ocean. Just a wonderful landscape that reveals the calmness of the countryside. 

In this tour, you will visit a vineyard, the new cellar and taste the premium awarded wines of Chocapalha.    

Quinta do Gradil

This is another option not far from the city center of Lisbon (50 Km or 31 miles distance). Quinta do Gradil is one of the oldest wine estates in the Lisbon wine region, with a strong and long history in traditional winemaking.

Therefore, at Quinta do Gradil, during lunch, a commented tasting will make the wine lover in your shout out in pure joy!

If you don’t know yet, food and wine are the two most important aspects of Portuguese culture.  

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Tours in Lisbon: How about an extended time to experience it all?

With our 9-day tour in Lisbon, you´ll get to experience more of the Portuguese heritage. This tour includes all the mysteries of the historical Lisbon and Sintra, plus the wine estates in the Lisbon wine region and also a tour to the Península de Setúbal wine region. The region of the perfect Muscat wine, Moscatel de Setúbal.

Yes, there is more to Portugal than wine, and you will have it all: the romantic Sintra, the medieval Óbidos and the elitist Cascais and Estoril are located in the Atlantic Ocean coastline, you will be inebriated by that bright blue and fresh misty breeze.

The enchanted Sintra and one of its heritage staples: Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira was founded in the 19th century by a wealthy and eccentric man, Mr. Monteiro.

He was a highly educated man, and did we mentioned already that he was an eccentric man with vision and money? Well, he builds a magical place indeed. Quinta da Regaleira and its Mysterious gardens and a palace of distinctive architecture, covered in masonic and esoteric meanings is certainly a place you must lose yourself in. Don’t forget to go explore it’s under a world of labyrinthic tunnels. Oh yes, it is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Now that you already know some of the Portuguese places by its names, it is time to come and enjoy. Discover the wonders of Lisbon wine region, history, wine experiences and all you may wish to make your time in Portugal the most pleasant and memorable. Our team is ready to design a custom plan according to your schedule and preferences. Send us a line and we will call you back to make it a reality.

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At this time, after reading all those amazing tours in Lisbon you must be very keen to experience them all, right? Then, book your dream trip and enjoy your time in Portugal.

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